MONDAY – MAY 25th 2020

START TIME – 11:00am



Start Main Street Town Park



Main Street to Ransom
Ransom to Boyd
Boyd to Sawmill
Sawmill to Stage
Stage to Ransom
Ransom to Bergtold
*Swing through Brothers of Mercy*
Brothers to Autumn Trail
Autumn Trail to Homestead
Homestead to Bergtold
Bergtold to Shisler
Shisler to Main




Main to Winding Lane
Winding Lane to Pineledge
Pineledge to Main
Main to Kraus
Kraus to Greiner




Greiner to Glenview
Glenview to Meadow Glen
Meadow Glen to Garden Walk
Garden Walk to Woodruff Drive
Woodruff Drive to Boxwood
Boxwood to Goodrich




Goodrich to Pine Breeze
Pine Breeze to Via Cimato
Via Cimato to Stonebrier
Stonebrier to Creekbend Court
Creekbend Court to Winding Creek Lane
Winding Creek Lane to Heise
Heise to Michael Douglas Dr.

Michael Douglas to Millcreek Drive


Mill Creek Drive to Creekhaven Drive
Creekhaven Drive to Cloverleaf Circle
Cloverleaf Circle to Bridlewood Drive South
Bridlewood Drive South to Hidden Oaks Drive
Hidden Oaks Drive to Walnut Creek Drive
Walnut Creek Drive to Lisa Lane




Lisa Lane to Gott Creek Trail
Gott Creek Trail to Clarence Center Road
Clarence Center Road to Roseville Lane
Roseville Lane to Forest Creek Drive
Forest Creek Drive to Field Brook Drive
Field Brook Drive to Redwick Drive
Redwick Drive to Kippen Drive
Kippen Drive to Roll Road
Roll Road to Via Marina




Via Marina to Oak Leaf Lane
Oak Leaf Lane to Pine Loch Lane
Pine Loch Lane to Via Del Sole
Via Del Sole to Greiner Road




Greiner Road to Fox Trace
Fox Trace to Galbraith Road
Galbraith Road to Clearview Drive
Clearview Drive to Sheridan Drive
Sheridan Drive to Helenwood Drive
Helenwood Drive to Brentwood Drive
Brentwood Drive to Hedgewood Drive
Hedgewood Drive to Ericson Drive
Ericson Drive to Westwood Drive
Westwood Drive to Main Street
Main Street to Susan Drive
Susan Drive to David Road
David Road to Wehrle Drive
Wehrle Drive to Harris Hill
Harris Hill to Sunset Drive
Sunset Drive to Trailing Drive
Trailing Drive to Nottingham Terrace
Nottingham Terrace to Connection Drive
Connection Drive to Main Street
Main Street to Overlook Drive
Overlook Drive to West Overlook Drive
West Overlook Drive to Overlook Drive
Overlook Drive to Sheridan Drive
Sheridan Drive to Shimmerville Road



Shimmerville Road to The Fairways
The Fairways to Cliffside Drive
Cliffside Drive to Fairways Circle
Fairways Circle to Willowbrook Drive
Willowbrook Drive to Greiner Road
Greiner Road to Shimmerville




Shimmerville to Connemara Lane
Connemara Lane to Galway Terrace
Galway Terrace to Monaghan Lane
Monaghan Lane to Renaldo Circle
Renaldo Circle to Dana Marie Parkway
Dana Marie to Roll Road




Roll Road to Martha’s Vineyard
Martha’s Vineyard to Bonnie Fay Drive
Bonnie Fay Drive to Goodrich




Goodrich to Turnstone Drive
Turnstone Drive to Cobblestone Drive
Cobblestone Drive to Spaulding Drive
Spaulding Drive to Main Street




Main Street to Sandringham Drive
Sandringham Drive to  Rock Oak Parkway
Rock Oak Parkway to Main Street


Main Street back to the Clarence Town Park