Flag Sponsorships

Flag sponsorships include the purchase of the flag, pole, and installation.  Donors will receive a marker monument at the base of each flag with the name of the donor for each particular flag.  The sponsorship affiliations will be placed with each flag for the entire duration of the stature’s existence.

The American Flag will be the largest flag at the Memorial Site.  Standing at 75′ feet tall, with a 12′ x 18′ flag.  The flag is going to be relocated from its current location to be visually vertical to the center of the fountain on the memorial. This flag will be easily seen from travelers on Main Street in Clarence, as well as the thousands of visitors in the park each year.

The donor of the American Flag will receive a plaque at the base of the flag acknowledging the contribution.

The military branch flags will stand 45′ tall with a 8’x12′ flag.  The donors of these flags will also receive a plaque at the base of the flag acknowledging the contribution.


American Flag



Air Force






Coast Guard



Marine Corps





Sponsorship Intent:

Please fill out of the form if you are interested in becoming a major sponsor of the Clarence Veterans Memorial.  A representative from the Clarence Rotary Foundation will be reaching out to you shortly.

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