John W. Muchow Jr.

John. W. Muchow Jr., aka Jigger, was born and raised on Goodrich Road, Clarence, NY.

In January of 1945 his father gave permission for John to join the Merchant Marines at the age of 17. He worked as Second Butcher during his 3 years of service. He crossed the Atlantic Ocean over 30 times carrying troops to and from ports in Europe. He was Honorably Discharged in June 1947 when he retuned home to Clarence.

John was drafted into the Army two times, the first in 1948 when the Army was being expanded. He served one year at Port, Louis, WA and was Honorably Discharged in 1949.

He was again drafted in 1950 when the Korean War started. He was placed in Germany through 1951. He was Honorably Discharged with the rank of Staff Sargent.

He returned home to Clarence where he lived until 1954. Jigger has many relatives living in Clarence.

Military Branch: Army

Years Enlisted:  1945-1951